We are Rawr for a reason

Our Core Team


An entrepreneur since his first coffee stand at 6 years old, Dave is passionate about building great companies. He lives life intentionally through personal reflection and goal tracking. Known as the “old man” of the office, Dave enjoys daily naps and an early bedtime. He dreams of the day he can finally take those naps next to his future puppy, Ms. Wigglebutt. Dave is passionate about providing eager learners with the opportunities for education and exploration that he is forever grateful to have had.

Katie is a lover of linguistics, green tea, and spicy foods. Her life goal is to always be learning a new language, having already studied Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Katie got in trouble in 2nd grade for marking the grammatical errors in library books, which is why she now spends her days writing, critiquing, and editing Rawr! content. Katie’s main causes focus on environmental sustainability and world literacy.




Lead Developer

Interested in joining our team?

The best games are created by happy and fulfilled teams. For us, that recipe
is fair compensation, an agile work environment and giving back our time.
We spend 10% of our time giving back to charities or the indie game development community.

Our team is based in the beautiful Orange County, California. Although we
love collaborating and building relationships with the indie game
development community all over the world, we strive for our full time team
members to live in the greater Southern California area.

Our approach to making games

Our games are built through “by the book” SCRUM teams with an emphasis
on releasing testable proof of concept games quickly. We test these games
in front of real fans and rely on their feedback to drive our development.

What we look for in full time team mates

A deep understanding of agile thinking

We leave our egos at the
door and focus on creating
things customers love

Passionate gamers

Our brain’s dwell on video
games. We want people who
are excited about games in
and out of the work day


We want a team that
represents different
backgrounds so we can
create games everyone loves.

An owner’s mindset

We are a young startup that
lacks a lot of process and are
the first to admit we often don’t
know the right answer. Our
teammates need to take initiative and
swiftly solve the problems that
come our way.

Involvement in the mobile game community

We test our games in front of
real fans and are always stepping
out of the office to build
community relationships.

Children of the internet

Teammates must understand
what it takes to make the
“internet” love Rawr! for a
Reason. We want an
individual who is still angry
about how long it took to
find out what was in that
safe on Reddit, posts on
Stack Overflow or Dribble or
watches Twich in his spare


Ready to take the next step?

We are always open to working with new people who share our values.
Just like our development process, we believe our hiring process should be agile.
We start off with a small project of paid work to make sure you can excel in our team environment.

If you are interested in applying, please contact us with your resume and portfolio.

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