You Play. We Give.
We create entertaining mobile games that you can pick up and play throughout your day. Every time you choose to watch an ad, 50% of our profits from go straight to causes you support! The organizations we donate to are thoroughly vetted and our financials are transparent. Follow along as we make a change for the better – one ad at a time!
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Our Business Model

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Release free mobile arcade games that brighten up your day with a smile.

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Give 50% of every dollar we make to good causes that either reduce poverty, increase liberty or improve education.

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Do things that make our fans happy like removing forced ads and in-app purchases.

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Grow through word of mouth and fan endorsement.

It Works Like a Giant Donation Tip Jar – It’s because of you
After a game, you can watch an optional ad for a few extra coins
Every ad you watch gives advertisers give us a little bit of money
The money from these ads adds up.
50% of the net profits from our ads go straight to causes you support
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$1,075 Donated
Target of $1,000,000 this year
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