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This 35 second clip is the result of 3 years work. With my bro and best friend, we have finally released our first game! from gaming

A golf game for people who hate golf! – Worked on it for two years from gaming

I made my first game! It’s tiny, but it’s mine. (Except the music in it. I can’t do that.) from gaming

Make an unusual hockey game they said from gaming

I recently released a small game of mine. It’s probably not going to win game of the year but I’m glad I actually finished something! from gaming

Doesn’t seem like much, but getting footprints working in my game is huge for me [The First Tree] from gaming

Last year my best friend quit his full time job to chase his dream and make a fully fledged video game. Today he just released a trailer and it looks beyond amazing. from gaming

2 years of work on my game Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse in 15 seconds from gaming

After working on this for 3 years in my free time, I quit my job to work full time on it from gaming

Last year, I gave my older brother his first coding lesson, 15 months later we released Carried Away, a skiing themed bridge builder like no other.. Merry Bloody Christmas! from gaming

Kinetically Responsive Grass from gaming

This game uses the Videocard to calculate Physics [Jelly in the Sky] from gaming

D: – The game is called Good Night, Knight from gaming

Thanks reddit! You somehow made my random indie game become the 10th most played game on Steam of all time (info in comments) from gaming

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I’m the CEO of an indie game development company, saved from bankruptcy by Reddit. AMA! from IAmA

I quit my job at EA, where I worked on Burnout, sold my house and started an indie games studio with three friends. Tomorrow we release our next game. AMA! from IAmA

IamA 29-year-old married guy who quit his job to make board games for a living. I’ve now raised $325,000 in two years. Ask me anything! from IAmA

2.5 years ago we had no idea how to make a game. Yesterday we launched Fictorum, a game we had a successful Kickstarter and was on the top sellers list of Steam. We are Scraping Bottom Games AUA! from IAmA

We quit our jobs one year ago to make games. Today we released game on Steam AMA! from IAmA

Year ago I didn’t know how to code, few weeks ago I released my first iOS/Android/Windows10 game. AMA! from IAmA

My best friend and I quit our jobs, raised $17,656, and worked 3 years to make our dream game! Ruin of the Reckless released on April 26th! AMA! from IAmA

We’re afraid to play horror games, so we quit our jobs and made one, with no jump scares. It’s called Darkwood, and it’s our debut. Ask us anything! from IAmA


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